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I am going to build a "Hybrid" Tele and was considering using some Symour Duncan 52s pickups.

I wanted a classic rock/country tone.

Any suggestions on any other makes/models that would give me that tone.

Would I be kind of paying extra for the "Seymour Duncan" name with the 52s

as they are a lot more expensive than other brands that I have seen?

Any Australian brands that anybody knows? Any web sites?

Thanks again.


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the SD 59's are what I got for my Jackson Tribute, and when i went to seymourduncan.com and tried them out, the sound was amazing, nice clean and distortion, I really recomend these pick ups

other then that, maybe EMG's


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Bill Lawrence all the way  :Dhttp://www.billlawrence.com/

I agree. Very reasonably priced & great customer service for an excellent product. Becky & Bill Lawrence are true professionals when it comes to picking the right pup for the sound your after. Just give'em a call. They'll even steer you to another pup maker if they don't have what you want.

Just be sure you go directly to them because there are alot of rip-off 'Lawrence' pups out there. The real thing can only be ordered direct.

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