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what is that brass strip for on my jazz bass


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hey all, i just got my new fretless jazz bass, my question is theres a little copper strip of metal that runs between the fender lace sensor pickup and the bridge of the bass, i have never seen that strip before on any of the other jazz basses that i have owned and or had access too before, also never had lace sensors before, whats the benefit of those pickups?

i just bought the bass because i wanted the fretless neck, wondering if i should just leave those pickups in there or not, was thinking of upgrading but apparently someone had already done so



ps is someone can gimme a place to host a pic or 2 ill post them if needbe

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that copper strip is the grounding, but I don't have any experience with the lace sensor pickups.

and for pics, I'll take a leaf out of weezer boys book with www.photobucket.com


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