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Drill press stands

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Are those drillpress stands for your own drill,strong enough to put frets in?

No - they have far to much flex in them. But they'll probably still be better for that than they are for drilling holes with *any* accuracy. Stupid bits of crap... grrr... grumble...

Seriously, I don't believe you'll have any success trying this, the chances are the drill will jump out of the stand or the main column will flex rather than seat the fret.

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I think some people are confusing the question to be "Drill Press" instead of "Drill Press Stand for your own drill", maybe? I haven't tried it with a drill press stand but I would guess that Setch would be correct - I don't think they have what it takes. A drill press on the other hand will work (I've done it many times) but I kinda feel bad for it - putting it under so much stress.

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it's not so much that the neck won't turn out good, it's more that you're not really doing the drill press a favor applying pressure that it was not designed to handle. a 1/2 or full ton arbor press is going to be much more stable and consistent to work with.

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