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Veneering carves

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i have to agree with rhoads here, he was kinda getting frusterated in the past thread so don't mind his lack of patience this time around...

basicly, there's a carve on either side of the body, (left and right) then one at the ass end, no, if you bend the veneer over the 2 sides you're going to run into problems around the knee and gut cut's of the guitar, the same thing is going to happend once you try and bend it over the ass end after, basicly it would crack in all the areas going from one curve to another....

like here's a good example... take a sheet of paper, now try and warp it around a bowl without using any folds or ripples, rips, or crumpling.. can't do it can ya?.. same thing applies to venerr over a caved top like a gibson... cause veneer donesn't fold or crumple together like paper does.. it just cracks...

but do try and use the search tool at the top of ever page if you can

here's the last thread we talked about exactly this...


ANSWER, use a maple top 1/2" thick.. probably more...

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