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Control routing question

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I am making a copy of an old Wards Airline guitar. This model was made of a kind of fiberglass and as far as I can tell they are two pieces sandwiched together and hollow. Im using alder and I am kind of stuck on how to route out the control cavities. The humbuckers and switch area are front routes. The jack and 4 knob cluster are going to need to be back routes to maintain the look. I want to keep it looking as close as I can to the origional and remove as little wood as possible. I will be having someone else wire it up and so I need to know if all the cavities need to be linked together or not. If so how would you guys suggest I connect them? Any ideas are welcome. I hope this picture shows up. Thanks!


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You'd do it just like you said! ...you route for the pickups from the front of the guitar and for the electronics from the back...there will be Two cavities in the back of the guitar. These will be covered with a plate that you'll probably have to custom make from a sheet of pickguard material or from wood. there will be a ledge around the cavity so that the cover sits flat and has something to screw into.

Look at the back of a les paul or any guitar that doesn't mount it's electronicts to a pickguard or plate.

As for the wiring; it looks like the pickups have individual volume control (and tone? Maybe coil tap blends?) It also appears that there is a master volume by the output jack.

If this is the case, you'll need channels from eash pickup cavity to the main control cavity (drill holes) then you'll need a cavity that runs from the larger control cavity to the output jack/volume knob. that's quite a distance, and I'd recommend going through the existing pickup routes. But you'll still need a pretty long drill bit to make that last hole tho. Unless that's why the pickguard is so big...they could have routed an area from the front for the output wire...then drilled from that to the jack.

Hope that helps...Draw this out in full scale before cutting anything! you'll answer most of your questions and discover some new ones by doing this.

I'd wire this yourself!! Gotta learn sometime, and it's not very difficult.

Let us know how we can help!

(Jack White fan?) :D

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Hey, thanks for the help. I figure that Im gonna leave out the master volume and just get a diagram for an LP to follow. I have done a little wiring before so maybe youre right, I need to learn sometime. Your explanation is pretty much exactly what I'm going to do I think. I need to see how long a drill bit I can find. That is my main worry, drilling such long holes acurately. I'm going to sketch a rough desicn onto one of my templates to lay it all out. Thanks again.

A Jack White fan and a bigger odd guitar fan :D

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