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ok well i have a epiphone LP custom, i thought it being a hard tail and set neck guitar would mean its sustain would be pretty good. However, im quite dissapointed about it. My yamaha pacifica 112 only just manages to sustain longer and its a bolt on with a trem (is also 70 quid cheaper).

1)Is there anyway i could improve the sustain without doing something too major?

2)How long would good sustain be? (not talking about sustain that gouse on for ever, something reasonable) :D

I appologise if this thread has been done before

any help or advice would be appreciated B)

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ah yes, ive seen those brass clamps you can buy for the headstock,its suppossed to add clarity of the notes and sustain, have you got one and can you tell me if it is worth the money? I dont have money to purchase pickups at the moment but i will do later.

Would it be worth changing the nut and bridge? or would that not do much?

sorry for all the questions lol :D

thx for help

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ah yes google, the man that looks at every internet site and adds them to a data base, i salute you :D (as my bro once said...seriously....and hes 18.... :D ) B)

im going to bed now, thanks for all the helpfull replies, i hope i can return the favour in the future

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long does it take????

ok... the idea is the heavier the body and the more wood the more sustain. just adding weight will help significantly for a bolt on LP

ah thx, its a LP custom so the neck is set but ill take your word and get a few, that should do the trick

Thanks again!! :D

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