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does the preamp, amplifies ??


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so, little or not an idea about electronics, but i put this circuit in my simulation software:

j-fet preamp

and when i simulate it using a signal generator and an oscilloscope to visualize the input and output signal the output signal is way much smaller than the input.... what is it???

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Hi there,

The pre-amp that you are looking at provides very little gain... 3db in the specs. So you're not going to see a great deal of gain from that circuit. As far as the sim software and the results you are seeing from it. Sim software is not perfect so you may be seeing a limitation of the software... I doubt it, but it may be. I would look at componant values that you have inputted into the simulator and connections. Look back at the FET device that you are simulating (is it the correct device?) and power supply voltages. Lastly, go ahead and breadboard the circuit and try it... it's simple enough and listen to it... that's the ultimate test... :-) Hope that helps.


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dude, i tried everything except building it. And it happende with other diagram, it was the preamp fitted in the electra guitars, i tried to simulate it with identical results.

maybe it is because of the signal i feed it with, if i had to simulate a guitar with a sine signal what values would it have (frequenzy and voltage), i don´t know if this is meant to make a difference but i would like to try XD


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what program are you using to simulate the circuit out of interest

btw an average output from an electric guitar would be a sine wave with an amplitude of around 0.4 to 0.5 volts and an average frequency anywhere between about 400Hz and 3000Hz

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