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Inlays -The way I did them.

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Ok, I was going to do a custom inlay job on a cheap corean strat copy. I live in Norway, where inlay material are almost impossible to find, and EXTREMLY expensive if you do. The only option is to import it yourself, witch will add another 50$ for shipping and taxes in addition to the original cost of the material. This would actualy make the inlay worth more than the guitar..... An other problem is that the fretboard is scalloped, witch would make inlaying MOP-blanks realy hard, and would also take a lot of time.

In order to make a cheap inlay witch would look pretty professional, I decided to go for a mother-of-perl imitation paint, made for interior painting. I cut out the inlay cavitys, painted them with several layer of the paint to get the MOP-effect and sealed it all with epoxy. This turned out to look pretty amazing, since The MOP-paint comes in any colour you want. So now my cheap korea-strat have a three-colored Mother-of-pearl wine inlay, for the cost of 20$. And i still have paint for more than thousands of guitar. :D

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I'll say it before anyone else does.....

....We demand pics, we're all picture junkies B)

Did you have to seal the cavities before applying the paint or did the paint do a good job of that on its own? Only ask because someone had problems with seepage into the grain of the wood when casting inlays.

Oh, and everything is expensive in Norway, not a good place for a stag night if you're a Guiness drinker :D

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I did something similar with a previous guitar. I wanted to inlay my signature in a material that would match the pearloid pickguard/binding. I finally found a "pearlesant powder" though a Art Supply Co. in San Fran. I mixed this with Epoxy, routed out my signature, filled it in, then sanded it back. Worked well!





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