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PRS-style switching with blade?


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Is it possible to do THIS with a special blade switch instead of a rotary one? I know a standard strat switch won't do it, but are there ones that will? I'm schematically challenged, even though I know how to solder-- so if it's possible I'll probably need a visual aid. :D

It's the pickup combinations that I'm interested in. Having the split coils in series as well as in parallel, without needing a mini-switch or a push-pull is what sparks my interest.



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Sure.. No problem.. Get your hands on a 5-way 'Super Switch'.. It's basically a 5 way switch with 4 poles and 5 terminals per pole.. Then follow the wiring diagram from Guitar Electronics here..

Basically, the terminals that you see in the rotary switch diagram will be the same as those in the 5 way Super Switch... Have fun and just ask if you need any help..

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OK, thanks for that. It was a bit confused in my dome at first, but after looking at the diagrams for both the rotary and the blade switches, I now understand what's meant by "4-pole"; and having made THAT connection, the rest has clicked into place. Thanks a bunch. :D

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