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look closly at those blend pots.

count the poles: 6!

they are a differnt kind of pot entirely, they explain it in "understanding guitar wiring"

edit: that's a free info sheet.

it's like a balance control for a stereo, sort of.

i don't know what's with the discription though.

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Hmm, are there any difference in, say, the pots you buy at radio shack and those from fender? Do vintage pots sound the same?

I very much doubt it. Most electronics stuff is made in only a few factories worldwide and labled accordingly. So you will possibly find Fenders are made in the same place as Radio shacks with a different lable and different(higher) price.

The tolererances modern electronic stuff are built with are much smaller than what was acceptable 30 or 40 years back, but two pots of the same resistance (measured not labled) should sound the same. All things else being equal. This of course excludes any capacitive or inductive effects which could be present in old pots (tolerances etc) which will make a difference!


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