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Omg, i'm bummed

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Ok, i got new fender locking tuners, and i thought they would fit prefectly, the didn't. so i had to take off the neck so it would be easyer for me, and then i had to mark the spots to drill holes to set the tuners in to without moving(two little prongs that stick out of tuner on the under side, i needed to make holes for these) and whill i was drilling i went to far and thru the headstock so now there is a hole, any ideas on how to cover it up, but i love the tuners and otherwise its very nice, its and olp(lower quality erinie ball) m1 by the way. i will have pics up soon.

plz help me, oh yeah and it has to look like the cover up was there before

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Here's what I'd try, although I haven't done it yet, so it's kind of a "guess". I would make a maple plug .001"-.002" thicker than the hole. I'd try to match the wood grain/color to the area where the hole is. If the headstock is coated with lacquer, I would even try putting about .005" thick coat of lacquer on the end of the plug . Then after that's dry, I'd press it into the hole (little bit of wood glue used). Hopefully the pre-lacquered plug would fit flush and just need a light fine sanding and polish.

Making the plug would be pretty hard.

You might want to change your "location". I almost didn't reply because of that.

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i don't mean this as an insult but, how can you drill all the way thru a headstock "accidentally" those buttons are rarely 1/8" long at the most... and unless you're using some damn nice drill bits, that would take quite a concious effort...

i'd fill part of the hole up with dowel then veneer over it (so that the veneer has something supporting it) or just leave it, call them speed holes :D

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