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Are tuners reversible

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Man I think if you complain enough to them, and they screwed up your order by sending you the wrong part instead of you ordering the wrong part number, they should bend over backwards to kiss your butt.

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I doubt they're "reversible" since Stew Mac lists the 6 in-line and 3 on a side with different part #'s. Pay the shipping before making your guitar look goofy. If it's their fault, try to get them to pay the shipping. They were kind of rude to me when I recently e-mailed them about a possible special order (they basically wrote terms that I didn't even understand)

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can you post a link to them? what color are they?

Maybe someone might wanna buy them off of you, and you can order the right ones?

In short, i'm looking for 3+3 locking tuners for my next project :D.

http://www.musiciansfriend.com/srs7/sid=04...ase_pid/361451/ there's a link to them and they are in gold. Just let me know.

oh sorry... Don't like gold hardware.

Maybe someone else willl be interested.

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