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are these active pickups?


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I would be very surprised if those were active. Without going into too much detail (because I don't fully understand myself, and would look like I'm blowing smoke out of my a$$) an active pickup uses electricity (in the form of a 9V battery which goes into a special compartment on your guitar) as part of its circuit. In the picture, I don't see any battery compartment or leads that might go to one.

EMG are known for their active pickups, so you could always try their website for a more accurate/in-depth description. As part of their 'visibility' and brand-name recognizability, EMG went with covers that have no pole-pieces for most (all?) of their active pickup designs. Some manufacturers emulate that look, but still have passive pickups underneath.

I strongly suspect that these pickups are passive, with EMG-alike covers.

Also, the seller makes no claims that they are active, only that they look like EMGs. A knowledgable seller would use 'active' as a selling feature if they were active. You could always ask the seller, but you never know how honest these folks are. (though I've only had good eBay experiences)


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Guest Litchfield Custom Gutars

In answer to if those are active:

No. They are Charvel Model 1 pichups. They also came on Jackson SL3 Soloists. They are plastic covers on regular pickups attatched with heaa stick 2 sided tape.

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correct me if im wrong but i think active pickups are wound much less to reduce the sound, therefore no background sound get in the way, only the string sound does. then a preamp is used so the signal is boosted so it is strong enough to be heard in an amp. a pure signal like this is affected much more with pedals and distortion

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