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Headstock shaping problems

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Heya guys, im customising a telecaster i managed to get for cheap, i just managed to shape the headstock to what i wanted, unfortunatly, there is one problem. ,the 6th tuner where the high E will go. If i put it the same place as where they would normally go, then there woul dbe overhang from the tuner, and i dont particulay want this at all ((my fault for not looking at what i was doing)).

So i have two other options, which are. the one in this picture...

This isent the ideal option as i think it looks rather ugly, but it doesant have any over hang, and it would be resonably sturdy, thought on it guys?


Or i could attempt to do this, the problem is the screwhole would be very close to the edge of the headstock, is there a chance of splitting the wood and ruining my chances? i much prefer this way. if possible. Any opinions on what i could do guys?

Cheers Rob



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I agree with him, the MM style of the high E on the bottom would be cool, but if you have to choose from the other I would suggest the key being at the tip instead of at the bottom, I would suggest if you chose the MM idea, I would also bring the B as well so its more like an axis or something, but again, you may not want to cut on the head anymore so its your call, good luck



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