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Nut sizes

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My guitar neck is 2 inch, and thats what my wood teacher mesured from my guitar neck (washburn) and when i ordered the nut, it came as a 1 and 3/4, so i figured i would sell it to my friend and buy a 2 inch nut, but for kicks and giggles, i mesured my washburn neck, 1 and 3/4 inches, god, why do i trust my wood shop teacher??? he screws everything up!!

do they make a 2 inch nut? because i am supposed to be selling this 1 and 3/4 nut tommorow and his dad is driving me to the local music store cuz he needs strings and he said he would buy me the nut



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Well from what i gathered from my tech... who is no longer my tech, he says that nuts come in a standard size and that you have to trim them down to a point where they'll fit what you're doing.

Unfortunately, i donno if that's true or not.

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So now we got everyone measuring their nuts... B)

Its hard to replace with new nuts of the exact dimensions of the old one. I usually go down to the local "nut store", with one of my old nuts in hand, and look for the closest match. Then shave it until I'm satisfied. :D I bought a bone blank for a classical acoustic I own which measures about 2-1/16" long. To make it fit your Washburn would be relatively easy, just try to copy the old nut.

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