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ES 335 buckle rash

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G'day from Australia guys,

I've been searching around and just came across your site :D

I've got a question concerning a guitar of mine. It's a '71 ES-335 that has a pretty bad case of belt buckle rash on the back (from the original owner). I'm not sure how to take care of it. The guitar is definitley a 'player'; I don't really want to go a refinish the entire back. I'm more interested in preventing any possible problems from having the wood exposed.

Any help would be most appreciated.




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Hi Kev and welcome to the forum :D

You can do a multitude of different things to it but what comes to mind first and easiest to do is get ahold of something like one of those cling wrap pick guards that some people use to protect the front of the guitar without having a mess when they want to get rid of it.

That way you would keep the integrity of it (Player or not) it's still worth alot in the collectors world and is going up if it has all original parts.

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