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Guitar plans/blueprints

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Is it just me or do the plans on paper always look smaller than the actual guitar.

Even on one to one scale...(life size)

Im planing to make an SG and I made the plans on cartboard to life size so I can plan ahead before cutting any wood.Altho on ruler it all seems ok when I look at it it seems a bit smaller than actual. Im begining to question my scale calculations and I wont be suprized if Im wrong...I used the printout from the gibson site...I measured from the nut till the 12th fret and formed a scale upon which I made the body plans.

If anyone has real values of size of an sg please help me out.

(btw hello this is my firt post here :D )


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I used all known measurments I could take. I always ended up on the same scale lenght so I was correct...I couldnt have made the same mistake 5 times.. Now im not so sure for the other plan I used at the xerox machine to magnify it to actual size. I tell you when I use the ruler its ok but when I stare at it is seems small.

Can you help me by telling me some SG body lenghts that are a fact? you see I cant use the scale length since its the body that Im treating and not the neck.

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