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Well, I've started

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I aquired most of the stuff that I needed. Using ebay, I was able to shave about $100 off the $360 that I estimated it would take. Its going to be a "Les Paul" style guitar. I bought the "plans" for the 1959 from StewMac and I am going to cut the templates first.

Oh and someone asked me to post the wood. Well, truth be told I couldn't hold out and I started to cut the laminates for the neck blank. I am going to have a Brazilian Cherry "core" and a maple "outside" for the neck, with the body being a laminate of 3 layers of Brazilian Cherry.

Its going to be one "heavy" guitar. The wood has a density comparable to ebony, with a hardness to match. I have enough for at least two guitars, so this will be the first.

I've decided against the lacewood top on the first go round.




The wood cuts and sands well. All the references say it won't finish very smoothly, but I am holding out hope.

So... I'll be in the garage all day...

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