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Tele pickup question


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1) What brand of pkp is it?

2) Do all 3 wires look the same (all braided, maybe 2 braid and 1 solid)?

3) Are all 3 coming from the same place?

4) Tell us any numbers or markings on the pkp, especially the bottom

Please ID all 3 wires by where they're coming from and what type of wire is inside the plastic colored shield.

Be careful tho.

I'm betting the third wire is a separate ground wire. :D

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Is it a neck or bridge pickup?

If it is a neck it most liekly a single coil. And I would imagine there are 2 ground wires.

If it is a bridge, it could be a stacked Dimarzio or Duncan with a coil tap as suggested above.

If it has a model number starting in DP...it is a dimarzio

Duncans tend to have 2 letters and then 2 numbers if I remember correctly.

Or it could be something entirely differnet.

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