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Guitar Blueprints

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i tottaly agree with above post....god damnit, ever since posting my explorer progress on some forums i have like 50 PMs<---'if its not to much trouble could u send me those plans'.....GOD DAMNIT...it is too much trouble....

well thats my rant for the day

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Send me an email and I'll send you the plans....

P.s.: I WILL only send the plans to him and you have to ask HIM if he will mail you the plans. I am sick of having to email it to 30 people everytime I mention it....

Can you send them to me too, if it's not too much trouble :D

Only joking dude, what I actually wanted to say was that if it's the plans that you sent me a while back (in jpeg if I remember right) they need to be printed at 85% actual size if you want them 1:1 scale.

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