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Fun with Mazola!


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I'm currently working on my stainless (16ga) SG pickguard. Stainless can be real fun to work with and its hard to keep the sandpaper clean all the time. But I'm learning. Anyway, I decided to try a little mazola vegetable oil as a sanding medium for smoothing out the surface. Sort of like wetsanding but it has to be worked crosswise instead of circular motion like clearcoats. And you can't jump across grit sizes too far. Lucky I have lots of scraps from the last guitar, started with 320, then 400, 600, 800, 1200, 1500 and 2000. I just finished with the 6 micron diamond compound, am halfway thru the 1 micron and will finish with 1/4 micron. I've got a mirror finish already. I'm using small buffing discs on my Minimite Dremel, it sure takes a lot out of the battery. Can only do a couple passes over the entire pickguard before I run out of juice! I really need a digital camera, progress is so nice these days.

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