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spraypaint help

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Hi. I am looking to finish an rg550 with a bright yellow finish, including the hadstock, and then putting the chrome stickers from universaljems on before clearcoating. what is the most durable paint and clearcoat to use. What is the best primer. I need to use spraypaint, and was also wondering how many cans of each to use? Please respond with any info. Thanks. Neal

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As far as using spray cans, The poly that they sell at Home Depot or Lowes works fine.

I would get one can of White primer (your color is pretty light so avoid a dark primer)

2 or cans of your color coat to be safe.

And then 3 or 4 clear coat cans. I like a thick clear.

Rustoleum has a specialty clear that I have been buying at depot. It seems pretty tough. Just allow enough drying time before you wet sand and buff. I hear some people on here waiting 2 weeks for dry time. I'd rather be extra cautious, so I plan to wait a month.

If you haven't sprayed before, I'd buy some extra paint and some scrap would to practice first. Drips and runs are gonna piss you off if you don't. Just be patient and don't fart when you're spraying. J/k

Ibanez Rules. What year 550 is it? What plans do you have for pickups?

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