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Behringer Bass amps


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I'm going to get a new bass amp to replace my Kustom KBA30 30 watt practice amp, and I'm looking at two different ones:

BX1200 Ultrabass 120W 1x12 Combo (On Musiciansfriend.com)


Ultrabass BX600

I've played the 60 watt and I really like it. Is it worth the extra $110 to get the 120 watt?

What if I bought it here?

Any thoughts are appreciated

Dan D

PS Mods, feel free tp ping-pong this thread if I placed it incorrectly.

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i say no go with the otehr one.. the cheaper of the two..

u have to have a factor of 10 to make the ampsound twice as loud

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Hmm... if you liked the way the 60 watter sounded... the "Hands on Review" page for the 120 watter at MF.com lists other features beside just double the wattage.

Additional BX1200 Features
  • 120W

  • 12" aluminum cone speaker

  • 2-channel operation with shape function on channel 2

  • Ultrabass switchable/dialable bass boost

  • Wedge-shaped rock-back cabinet

  • Balanced XLR DI output

  • Speaker output

  • Tuner output

  • Tape output

Do those features make it more "worth the extra $110" ? :D

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