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Bulls Eye ?

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Check out the MIMF library. In the finishing section, under the subheading 'Staining, Dyeing, Painting, Bleaching, and Other Surface Application Coloring and Decorating Techniques' there is a thorough walk through of the technique by Amy Hopkins. The title is 'Doing a bull's-eye pattern finish, step-by-step [Pictures]'.

You will need to register as a member (it's free) to access the library.

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I recently did a bullseye, and One thing I learned the hardway is, remove whatver mask you use very soon after your done spraying. Also I would try something other than A cardboard template. It didnt work too well for me. All in all i can tlel you what NOT to do, it looked real bad when I was done :D , in fact i've laready stripped it!

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