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Found 10FOOT board of QUILTED MAPLE at work!

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Yup, I went across to the other building today, I usually don't go there, looking for something and came across a 10' long board of quilted maple in a stack of boards. It's not like AAAAA or anything, but it's also not junky looking, uneven quilting like I see at Windsor Plywood.

I recently got a 1-piece body blank of plain maple from my work for $10CDN. That piece has 3BF in it which works out to $3.33PBF. So if I can get the board of quilted - 7.5"x1.5"x120"=9.375BF - for the same price, it'll be just over $31! :D

I was thinking about it at work and if I got it at that price it could work out to $2.50 per drop-top! B)

I will go to work with cash tomorrow and make the owner of the company an offer... :D

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I got a 38" long piece of the quilted, the good end too, plus a 41" piece with some mild flaming, that looks pretty good on a planed board. I got the quilted board for $9CDN, and the flamed board I haven't paid for yet, but I'm not sure they'll know if it's gone... :D

pics in the mornig.


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