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Gibson Trapeziod Inlay


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Alright guys, I'm in a bit of a pickle :D

I can't find a set of plans for the trapezium inlays on a gibson. I would buy them, but I've quit my job and I'm skint. If anybody has some could you please send me a copy.

I'm desperate, the whole project is at a stand still until I get some money comming back into the house and this is about all that I can do.

I finish work for good on Friday :D and although I'll be happy, I will find it hard to get on a computer to print anything off , so any help before then will be even more greatly appreciated than help after then B)

Cheers my dears :D

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Try the MIMF Library. Scroll to the bottom, select instrument templates, and find John Catto's LP templates. These include the fretboard and Headstock inlays, as well as the body outline w.pickups and bridge location, wiring runs etc. You'll need to be registered as a member (it's free) to get into the library.

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