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stone inlay?


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Hi guys.. sounds like you guys are mis-interpreting the term "stone" a little.


The "stone" most inlayers are using isn't really stone in hardness.

It's re-constituted stone. Gems are used in inlay, however they are only set below the surface level, or inset into the art after leveling, above the surface.

They won't sand down, way too hard, so they are there soley for effect.

Reconstituted stone is natural stone material crushed into a fine powder, then mixed with epoxy resin to make it into a brick shape.

It's very workable, although it is a bit fragile depending upon which of the 30 or so types your using. It cuts clean, but breaks/fractures easily.

The turquoise on that telecaster is dust, or chips filing in the burle cracks, you can also dremel route patterns and fill it in.

The seahorse I recently posted had gasparite "stone" algae fronds. It's the same exact material your talking about.

You may notice the route is a little wider than my normal preferance around the stone, any grab on the edges and it breaks. I had to go a little wide. Most people prefer to use it in ebony for obviouse reasons. I have used it in maple, but I took hours and hours routing it. I also used dark materials and engraved over any fractures that may have arose in setting it in.

Hope this helps.

It works the same as any inlay shell, but I use it a little thicker, maybe .07-.08 because it breaks so easily.

Masecraft supply carries all the different types.

There is a rainbow of colors available.


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Just noticed the other pic.

Yup, thats real stone.

Tile setters have been doing that for thousands of years.

Don't know how it would work on a guitar.

The recon stone is way mucho easier!


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Any jeweler can cut you the gems.

I have little idea about actually insetting them into an inlay, however I know people who do.

As far as the recon stone goes Masecraft Supply sells most of it.

Rescue pearl started carrying some types as well.

It's $5.00 to slice it, then that slice is sold by the ounce.

it's NOT cheap.


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having problems finding anything but a email address for masecraft supply. do you know the direct link?

or to others that sell stuff like that, i dont want a cut gem, just flat pieces of colored stone, but not flat in color like pastic, that will give the 'stone' look. ya know?

thx for the help!


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