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Great Board - Glad I found ya

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Hi All,

Lotta great stuff on this board/site, I have barely scratched the surface.

I am reviving my interest in building guitars and am still in the research phase.

I did build one guitar body about 10 or so years ago while attending art school with access to a decent shop. It was pretty cool one piece mahogany sg shaped sorta- made for an old fender mailbu neck I bought off a junked bolt on acoustic (I will try to get pics some day.) I have also worked at Steinberger (nashville) but in the mold room ...which is kinda distant from traditional guitar making. Tobias basses shared the same facility so I did get a glipse of their process.

anyway I am still a total noob. :D

My first project will be to make a body for a steinbergeresque gs (headstock model) neck I have. It needs a fret leveling and maybe a different nut- but I will worry about that later. I want to make a rrV shaped body for it I think. I had a little balance left on my paypal account so I scored this yesterday wood.

I am thinking about a mahogany back and that top. Some kinda good tremelo unit...preferrably one with the ability to play as a fixed bridge or trem, any suggestions?

Could someone point me to a good tutorial on glueing up a body this way(bookmatched top+back)? Will I need a joiner/planer to get everything perfect?

thanks... I can't wait to get started.

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wow...I can't believe I am just getting back to this---

Anyway I am getting sorta serious now. I have some 58 v templates and about 2 grand worth of stewmac stuff headed my way!

My first project is still to make the body for the steinberger neck I have-- I think I'm going with a non-rev firebird shape though.... so that is my first project to get myself more comfortable in da shop (have enlisted my best friends girlfriend = a pretty baddass woodworker with a nice little shop.)

Anyway my longer term project is to build a couple of flying v's...ala the 2002 v customs. I LOVE THE LOOK OF THOSE THINGS!

I am sure I will have lotsa questions and pix along the way...

1. I can't seem to find a good pic of the 58 neck joint/heel area, any suggestions... I have a gibson v90 ..which is 58 shaped body, but I'm not sure if this is the same neck joint used on those v customs....


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