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Ibanez Lo Pro Edge Trem Question!

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I have installed a recessed Edge Trem in my current project. I wonder how deep to route the area where the tuners, etc. are. How much deeper then the area where the mounting studs are does it have to be? 15mm? I want it to be deep enough to allow about 1 - 1/2 wholetones upward movement but not so deep that you can break the strings. How deep does it have to be then? How deep is it on standard Ibanez guitars?

Thanks in advance,


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on my Rg7620, the depth of the back of the recess for the Lo-Pro 7 is about 18 mm from the face of the guitar. the bottom of that cavity is lined with a rubber pad, so the surface of the wood is probably another 2 mm lower. i couldn't measure from the ledge where the mounting studs are, since the trem is sitting in the cavity.

the trem cavity on my old 1991 540S7 is much deeper and much longer toward the strap button. personally, i'd remove the absolute minimum necessary to operate the trem, to preserve as much tonewood as possible.

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