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Brian, Saga question

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Hey Brian, I'm new to the forum and noticed your the best man here. I recently bought a squire strat so I could try out some new customizing stuff to it. I happen to be looking around at new guitars and noticed your site has guitar kits made by Saga. This would be perfect!! All my custom jobs would look good and permanent and all customed to me. I am interested in the PRS style kit and wanted to know... What parts of the hardware will need to be replaced so it is gig quality? I would like to do a see through blue paint job so i can still see the grain but it be a blue tint. Is this easy to do and what paint do I use? Will it be ok to scallop the rosewood fretboard without complicationhs? Thanks a bunch for answering Brian and I def. plan to be ordering my kit from you when the time comes! :DB):D

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Fir giging I would replace the pickups, they are good but not the greatest. When it comes to scalloping the board I say go for it!

When it comes to finishing it that really depends on your own skill level or what you can pick up from others here. I haven't finished one of them yet B) been to busy working on other projects :D

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