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Sperzel Locking Tuners Question

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Okay, so i gots me my tuners, and they have a little peg that sticks up on the side that comes into contact with the bottom of the pegboard. My question is, which way should I install these. With the peg into the wood towards the bottom of the guitar, or towards the top of the peg board... Basically I need to better understand what side of the peghead the tuners should go on...

I think I confused myself there! If any of you pros can understand me, thanks!


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I wouldn't take my word on it since I've never actually used Sperzel's and may be misunderstanding the question; but all the tuners I've seen (including Sperzels) have the tuning keys on the backside of the peghead, and the string posts of course coming from them behind the peghead and sticking out on the front of the peghead. I hope that helps???

Anyhow I was wondering where you got your Sperzel's from. I was looking for some bass Sperzel's and am only finding a few suppliers for some reason.



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