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vines help

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im going to be needing my ibanez's neck to get the good ole jem vines on an ebony fretboard, now the only problem is i need it done relativly inexpensivly and i was seeing the lgm guitars is not too bad price wise, hell its the least expensive place i have seen so far, but its in canada if im not mistaken (my appologies if im wrong) i would just like to know if there is anywhere else i can have it done. thanks guys

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The experience Jeremy at LGM guitars has is worth getting it to Canada to have it done... this guy is the Ibanez modding guru, and if the prices are the cheapest thats even better B) If it were me, I'd go with Jeremy (and I live in the UK - now that must say something about his work :D ).

I expect any luthier who does inlays would do it for you; its not THAT complicated... Call around and get a few prices

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There is a vine plan in the advanced members download section, contributed by AlexVDL. I suggest that you contact Brian about becomming and advanced member, or ask Alex if he can send the file directly to you.

I'll gladly mail it to you if Alex or Brian give me the OK...

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