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floyd nut height problem

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i recently purchased a used ibanez rgt 42and its a great gutiar except for the fact that the bass strings buzz a bit at the top frets. i noticed that the nut was just slighlty back going towards the bass strings so i thought thaat might be contributing to theprobelm.the strings that where originally on there where 9s and i prefer 11s , but the 9s ddint buz too much cuz they were too small to be resting near the frets ...it seems to only be a problem with bigger strings.......i have temporally fized the problem by using a mixed set of gauges 10s fro bass strings 11s for the trebles and also on the bas strings i made a very small sheet of metal undert the nut slots(i melted solder in a lil rectagle shaped pan then cut it with an exacto knife to shape) now i know this cant be to reat for the over all tone of the guitar, so what i was thinking maybe i could get a really thin thin peice of brassor something and just make a sim for under the bride raising all the strings or do thaey even make floyd nuts that are a bit taller....i really dont need to raise it that much i mean something the thickness of a buisness card or 2 fixes it . now i know alot of ppl are gonna say adjust the action but simnce ou adjust it at the bridge and its the first fretsyou would have to adjsut it a bhit to get it right and then the strings will be alot higher near the last fretswich i dont want and i cnat adjust the truss rod cuz wen i first got it the neck had to be adjusted back a bit. so in usmmation how detrimental would a extremely thin peice of metal(or any other material) bew to the tone and /or do they make taller floyd nuts

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lol ya thast what i was thinking but i didnt know how detrimental to the tone it would be.....you hear so many people on here tlakin abotu how every little thing affects the tone that you start to get kinda paranoid at times lol, but i could use aluminum or something adn it ll be fine right?

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I think you better check the neck relief first, because if a set of 9's doesn't make it buzz, then the nut height is probably ok.

But if you must shim the nut, the soda can metal idea is good. (I like to put the cut soda can pieces in a jar of acetone for 10 minutes, so then I can wipe/scrape the paint and plastic coating off of it) . But sometimes I want an even thinner shim, so I'll use some brass then. I just make a small piece to go under the very end of the nut. To put it in, I leave the guitar strung up. I take the locking clamps off, loosen the nut mounting screws, then put the clamp bolt(s) back in (without the clamp piece under it), then I use that screw as a jack, to lift the locking nut up enough to slip my little shim into the end underneath.

What you say about "melting solder for pieces under the nut-slots " makes me wonder what all the hell is going on there. Sounds like you are trying to change the radius of the locking nut string slots, which I know is something many guitars can use, but solder won't hold up, and I don't have any alternative ideas for that either.


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