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Making my guitar soon

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Hello all,

im going to buy this http://www.universaljems.com/cart/ht10/ht10.htm and build it :D

but please can you guys help me:

How does this thing sound? would it be just as good as my Epiphone LP Customs?

what is the neck like?

can you recommend what pick ups i should put in it? i want a classic rock sound (led zep, GnR)

I want this type of finish, whats it called? and how much am i looking at paying for the dyes/paint/sealers...?

are there any parts i should replace ie, Tuners, bridge, nut...?

thank you very much for your time B)


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The package looks cool and the finish is done by aplying a black dye and sanding back then aplaying a blue dye. the finishing will cost you around 100$ id say maybe more depends on how you are planing to clear coat it. If you want a GaR sound put some gibson Pickups in (burst buckers would be cool but then ur adding on another 160 can each).

Hope this helps :D

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if you can get to a beaver lumber or anywhere that sells stains and wood, then your set, if you got kinda natural, just check out some spots that sell paint and stain, you can get natural, cherry, walnut, dark walnut, red mahogany, and loads of others!!! in big cans or little ones, when i stained my guitar stand, i just wiped it on with a soft lintless cloth, so it might be better to do that, no streaks or brush marks :D

Hope this helps


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If you wanna use dyes you'd have to sand off the sealer, no? I've seen dyes at a local place go for $20 a bottle as I recall, but you could do a number of guitars with a bottle, and you could just use Deft lacquer on it which is inexpensive stuff, but good.

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