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hmm clena boost


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so who here uses some sort of clean booster,???? hm

a ts9 the rc booster an lpb1 fulltone fatboost zvex sho

well ihave tried them all and i wanted to share with you my simple diy solution to this problem

parts needed

npn transistor

lm380 IC

[2]100k resistors

1M resistor

10k resistor

590 ohms or aprox value of resistor

100k pot

[2].1uf capacitors

1uf capacitor

two jacks for guitar cord

a container to put it in,

and a switch to make it all work

personally i use a TPDT for truebypass with an led, but this part is up to you.

a lenght of wire adn some sodler and a iron

schematic coming shortly, i must sleep now

oh btw this makes a 2.5 watt super clean booster so it has enough vol to push a small cab as a practice amp for at home use too.

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well i see plenty of people have read it but no one had any comments, well i sent the files to brian, as i did the pcb and schematic and took a screen shot of the whole thing

hope this helps as i have had a lot email about boosters from this forum

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Fabulous, Ansil. I sure wish I had the know-how and time to get around to some of these nice projects. :D

thanks but this is not a hard layout to do, it can be done on perf in the time it takes the soldering iron to heat up.

no static sensitive parts or anything to work out. just plug and play,

usign my hv iron i went ahead and put one together in the time it took me to eatlunch and do the pcb for it for the forum

i sent the stuff to brian, i dont' know if he got it yet or not, but i have it zipped in email if anyone wants it till it or if it gets psoted

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hey little bit, i used to use the micro amp too. for soem time, but with the new setup i have on my guitars i can't keep it clean, see with my setup i dont' need the transistor stage, i can just put a 100k trim pot or reglualr pot on the chip and it boosts so nice, thats why i posted it in the first place, as for the price of a twelve pack you can have yoruself a nice clean boost pedal that will also serve as a practice amp as it is like 2.5watts. and has fairly low current drain.

see i use 14-16 guage strings and i had to mod the micro amp heavily to keep it from distorting and by the time i did that i just invested the time to make one from scratch

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hi, ansil, did you remove the transistor because you were using another kind of preamplification or active pick ups, or it is just because you could just drive the lm386 with passive pick ups alone, is it posible anyway?

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my pickups with 16's were plenty hot enough to remove the transistor stage.

but for my gigin guitars i usually leave it in there i just pad down the gain

and its a lm380... big difference..


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sorry for that, this thread got mixed in my head with the sustainer one, wich uses a lm386 and has not a buffer section...

still i hold my question. would a normal pickup with 10's strings be able to be used with that chip without the buffer section??


i am an ignorant pain B)

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should be able too.. see i left the transistor section which issnt really needed in there so you could apply some grit if you desire too as this also functions as a little amp

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