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Binding a neck


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Im going to be building a guitar and want to bind the neck/fretboard. I don't plan on doing the headstock. Anyway, I dont trust myself to be able to get a flat fretboard and cut fretslots myself so my question is 1) weather or not it is possible to find an un radiused fretboard but with slots already cut? All I have been able to find so far have been either radiused and slotted or just flat boards. I ask because to my understanding a need to route a rabbit around the edge of the board to set the binding. 2) Is it possible to accurately route the rabbit with a 12' radius on the board already? 3) What size binding does everyone typically use? And to throw one more element into the mix I am going to be using LP style block inlays. So, any advice, tips or warnings would be GREATLY appreciated!! Thanks!

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You simply cut the fretboard to suit, and glue the binding on the sides and end with CA glue, after it has been radiused and slotted. Trim the excess binding to suit the fretboard thickness (after its attached), and then glue the whole thing onto your neck blank. Easy!

Make sure you THOROUGHLY clean out the fret slots.

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