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Concentric 500K audio pot with DPDT push/pull?


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Hi, I'm wondering if anyone here has any ideas on how to locate a source for stacked dual concentric 500K (or 1M even) audio taper pots with push/pull DPDT switches. They are apparently quite rare and hard to find, but I know they exist, as I own a bass guitar which has one. This is for a similar application where space is extremely limited.

Any ideas? I appreciate any thoughts or pointers to speciality pot distributors....

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If you need a thousand or so, it's no problem - just contact Alpha/Xicon (sales@xicon-passive.com), and they'll have 'em ready in about six weeks. I couldn't find any specialty distributors, but why would you bother with that kind of turnaround from the manufacturer? Good luck, and keep us informed. (BTW, in 1K qty, DPDT pots run as little as $2.00 ea., so if you can find 999 other people who want one ... believe me, I gave it some thought!)

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