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black stain to bring out finish/grain?

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Hi. Sorry if I have been pestering you guys. Maybe i should fill you in on my status before i pick your brains for any bit of relevant information. I just bought an rg550 that has a factory black paint job that is scratched and chipped beyond my tolerance. I've decided to refinish. I want to give it a bright red, matted satin stain. Before i do this, i may or may not burn it, depending on the quality of the grain. Anyway, over this matted stain i want to put the original black pickguard, cover the pickups with red bobbin toppers, and replace hte knobs and switch covers to red ones. Anyway, I want to know what putting on a black stain will do to the finish. I have seen lots about putting on a black stain, and I dont know what it would do. Please fill me in on any info. Thanks. Neal

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The stain black/sand back method is generally recommended for maple and other hardwoods. Your RG550 is made of basswood, which is a soft, porous wood that will drink up a LOT of finish, so you likely won't be able to stain and sand back the way you would be able to on maple. I believe that's why Ibanez used light burning to enhance the grain on the JEM 7RB and 7BSB.

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