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accoustic bridge and machine heads

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ok, i have some questions that i hope anyone can help me.

1- can the bridge and machine heads for accoustic guitars, used in electric guitar? if yes, why? and if no, why?

2- i got a patented floyd rose tremolo and from what i can see, it has been set to all the same height, the same length and everything. i know floyd's is a bit hard to set it in tune, so i hope anyone could help me with it. i have read some article on the floyds and how to tune them but it didn't talk much about guitars that doesn't have locking nut. help?

3- how to, exactly, to make the binding around the body?

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Could you post pics of your guitar.The no locking nut with a Floyd,(if I read that right),is a little confusing.

Binding comes pre-made from a number of distributors,( try http://www.stewmac.com binding is the second item on the left),or some people make their own from wood.

Warlock strap buttons can go on the back of the guitar at the end of the bass-side points.You can put them right on the points,but they can strip a little quicker there.

So long as you're not using the tuning keys mounted on the plate you can use them on electric.Just depends if the guitar is in-line,(all in a row),or 3+3,(3 on the bass side of the headstock and 3 on the treble side).

What do you mean by the bridge?The whole wood piece or using the bone saddle for something?

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thanks john for the reply. well, basically, i got a FR trem without the locking nut. the article didn't say anything about guitars that doesn't have a locking nut to tune the FR trem smoothly. so, i hope anyone can guide me to a site that tells me how to set up the FR trem in tune eventhough i don't have a locking nut.

thanks about the machine heads. i've got some spares that is still new which i got for free from a friend. what i mean by the bridge is, the whole wood piece with the saddles.

can i use them on electric guitars as well? i'm trying to find alternatives for my guitar and try to look cool at the same time.


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There's not really much point to installing a FR without a locking nut... just a big awkward-looking set of thumbscrews, knobs, and clamps. :D I'm pretty confident you can buy the nut separately, but from what I understand it's a bit of a tricky retrofit on a non-locking neck. I've never done it myself, though.

There's no reason you -couldn't- use the acoustic bridge. It may look a bit ugly, though, depending on your design. You could either make it string-through with ferrules on the back side of the guitar instead of using pins, or just make sure there's some holes for the strings and pins to go into.

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A few years ago I saw an article in a Guitar Player in regards to putting an acousic bridge on an electric.

It was written by the fella who used to do the repair column before Dan Erlewine.I think his name was John Carruthers,don't quote me though.

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