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Getting the ball rolling....

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Hi everyone,

Having been bitten by the guitar making bug, i'm starting work on my new (and more ambitious) project and I was just fishing for some advice..

I've ordered my materials and i was hoping to hear from people who have used the same woods and techniques. I'm still not a master craftsman so i'm looking for ways round binding and i'm still sticking with a bolt on for now. Anyway....

It's gonna be a semi hollow (think tele thinline) geetar based on a 70's Yamaha SG, using a pair of P90 pickups and a compensated wrapover tailpiece/bridge. The body wood is Padauk for the main body and a 6mm Flame maple top. Now my question is, does anyone know roughly how this going to sound and how is it working with Padauk, is it toxic and does it work easily?

My final question is, what is the best way to have the join between the top and the back of the body, I want to leave the Padauk natural and probably do a blue sunburst top, should I put a thin veneer between the the two sections mask a fake binding (leave the maple natural) or just stain the whole damn thing?

Goes on a bit I know........... Help me out here! :D If I get this right this guitar is gonna look and sound SweeeeeeT! B)

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