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Need help with noise related to trem?


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Hi everybody,

I put in a new pickup/configuration in my stratocaster, and it sounds really good.

I grounded the a wire to part of the tremelo unit, but i get really bad fuzz noise when my hand gets near or touches the string or bridge.

When i removed the springs from the tremolo, i do not get this background noise.

My question is i want to put in the tremolo's springs so that i can use the whammy bar, but i dont want that background noise either.

I know this is a grounding issue(any help would be appreciated)


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i actually had teh same prbolem on a factory guitar when i did a rewiring job for him.. did the wiring twice and found that he had a factory flunk up.

they had reveresed the wires to the output jack..

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Hmmm... are you sure you don't have the output jack wired backwards, like Ansil said? You may want to trip over to Guitar Nuts for more info on grounding and shielding if nobody here has an easy answer. It sounds to me like you've got a shield wired to the hot side somewhere, but I'm not sure where to tell you to look without knowing more about your setup. Sorry if I'm not much help :D

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