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Removing Feurrels (sp?)

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I have a guitar where the strings go thorugh the body. There is some chrome feurrel things on both sides (or all the way through, I can't tell). I have to refinish the body, but how would I get those out?

Also, it has a TOM bridge, how do I get the things out of the body, or would I just cover those up real good?

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Remove the bridge, and find a drill bit which fits down the string holes. Push this down the hole until it contacts the back of the ferrule. Then apply a soldering iron to the ferrule, until it's good and hot. A couple of firm taps on the drill bit with a hammer will pop the ferrule out clean. The ferrules get hot pretty quickly, and may fester the finish if you leave the heat on too long, but this doesn't matter if you're refinishing anyway.

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