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My latest project.....

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Howdy All,

The Black Walnut Strat is finally done. :D Sounds good me. The Tele is still getting its nut shaped. That is one that I can not do.


If you want to see more pix or the whole story, go Here and click Black Walnut Guitar.

Take care,

Guitar Ed

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And they are only 40 minutes away from my home. :D

Only 15 minutes away from me B)

Tommy's a cool guy and has given me some useful advice on my first project. Their customer service is just above and beyond anyone else. :D

Now that USACG has a new site I don't think they have customer pics up, last time I checked, so maybe you could submit yours to Tommy. :D

That's a cool pair of guitars :D

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Hi Guys,

Thanks for the comments.

SkiBum: Yes I did fill the grain, but you can still feel it a bit. There are two things I have problems with. Filling the grain and making the nut. But I am getting better. As for the tone, the walnut is thin enough that it does not seem to have any impact on tone.

The tone on the Tele is really clean, and the Strat is quite nice too. I am just trying to get to get used to them.

Guitar Ed

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