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Bill Lawrence Pickups


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I have heard good things about bill lawrence blade humbuckers. Any thoughts? Also, can anyone clarify the the b.s. about their being two seperate comanies with strikingly similar products?

Bill Lawrence #1

Bill Lawrence #2

Any help would be appreciated.


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This is to certify, that the Bill Lawrence SwampKaster guitars are made by Bill Lawrence Guitar Pickup Company California USA owned and operated by  EZ Wajcman, the original owner and founder of the Bill Lawrence Guitar pickup Company in 1965. All Pickups are the Original Traditional Bill Lawrence Pickups made in California USA

That is a quote from the page at your first link.

This is a lie. EZ Wajcman and Bill Lawrence have battled it out in court for sometime for the rights to what Bill Lawrence created. EZ cashes in on Bill's good name. I hear that EZ's knock-offs are crap. Bill Lawrence doesn't distribute through anyone else except through his own web-site. You can contact him to verify this. I personally avoid EZ Wajcman at all costs.

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Van Kirk's being much too kind!

:D <rant>Bill Lawrence AKA Billy Lorenzo AKA WIlli Stich is a musical innovator who is responsible for making some of the best pickups I have ever played. Jzchak Wajcman is an astute businessman who was Bill's financial partner - he's no pickup winder. Read this: A Tale of Two Frogs. Then read this.

I don't care how many Buzz Fietens and Nuno Bettencorts Wajcman pays to endorse his products, they aren't Bill Lawrence pickups. </rant>

At any rate, this is why there are "Bill Lawrence" pickups out there that suck - Bill didn't make 'em. If you want the real deal, call 'em or email Becky and be prepared to wait a while -they're literally a Mom'n'Pop shop, but they sure wind some sweet pickups.

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