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fret buzz

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im getting some wicked fret buzz from my explorer on the first 3-5 frets

ive replaced the nut, releveled the frets, adjusted the bridge saddle, and cant get it to stop! any suggestions? i have some fretwire and could do refret work, but i dont think it would help

thanks in advance

This is probably too obvious but it wasn't in your list of things you tried. Have you played around with the truss rod adjustment? I've "cured" fret buzz in the 3rd-5th fret area with extra relief (more than I'd normally like sometimes :D.)

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when you say 'extra relief', which way do you turn the truss rod for that? (No i havent tried)


Here's Brian's tutorial on truss rod adjustment:


and another


By extra, I meant more relief, i.e., loosen (counter-clockwise?) the truss rod. Be careful not to accidentally loosen it all the way! :D

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