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lengths n' crap 4 a 7 string

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ok im new at the whole "build a guitar thing", so ill make it as quick as possible. i want to build a 7 string guitar but i have noooo idea where to find neck width, length...anything! and ive been looking all over to find something to help me out, but i havnt had any luck yet. i have Make your own electric guitar by M.hiscock, but it doesnt cover 7 string. so if yall know where i could find the lengths and widths i need to do this thang, then let me no. :DB):D thx.

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Building a 7-string is exactly like building a 6-string, only a little wider.

You can make it any scale length you want. 25.5" works well, and you can easily get fretting templates for that scale. But some 7-string players prefer going to 27" scale in order to get better low-end definition.

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