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Crap pickups?

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Hello I am tring to decide what to put into my bass b4 I refinish it, its all sanded down and waiting to decide what kind of pickups to put in, I have two active fender lace sensor pickups they are jazz pcikups, I found this link http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...&category=38079

Its for two mightymite soapbars for 35us for the pair, would these add to the bass or suck crap? Can they all be put in and fed to 18v? I saw some articles that said these pickups were snappy and too bright, the fender pickups had lots of low end and lots of mids maybe it would help add for the highs? What would you do? Pay the big money for barts? emgs?

Looking for thoughts? Thanks!

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I haven't used those particular pickups, but I will say that I've been pretty happy with most of the Mightymite products I've come across. Those look pretty sharp, you just might want to rub off the Mightymite logo lest any Tobacco Sunburst guys give you a hard time...

I would say got for it and if you don't like the sound you could always sell them on eBay. :D

BTW, on that auction I would use Buy it Now, since the shipping is free and it would be the same price as bidding and waiting for the auction to end, in case you didn't notice. B)

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