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Several questions about binding


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I'm contemplating building a Les Paul copy. I know, I know, it would be quite a difficult project for a first guitar..but I think I'm up to it. I've learned a lot from reading several websites on the net and studying Melvyn Hiscock's "Build Your Own Electric Guitar" book (I had it on loan from the library some time ago, so I can't find if it has the answers to these questions), but I've got a couple of questions tho.

1. How should neck binding be done, should I install frets first and cut the tangs (is that the correct word? nevertheless the parts that are glued to the wood) and then put on binding, or first binding, then frets? Also, how should I apply the glue? Few drops to the fret ends or what?

2. Similar questions for finishing: Should the binding be left unfinished (no clear coat over it)? Would it be better to glue the binding on before or after finishing the guitar (sanding off the excess paint from the binding channel of course)?

3. Neck angle, what is the neck angle (where the neck connects to the body, NOT the headstock angle) on a LP usually, and where should it be measured from? How do I get the neck in the correct angle (making the neck tenon to the right angle or putting something in the straight neck slot or what)?

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In answer to your binding questions.

Binding should be done before all finishing or fretting. You need to route the channels, glue the binding, and then shape it, level it, whatever. The neck binding, honestly, I don't know how they did it when the binding goes up in the same shape as the frets. (personally I think that looks stupid anyway) but anytime I bind a neck, I route, bind, level, and then fret. Yes, you have to precut the fret tang to do it.

With bodies, route, bind, level, mask, spray color, unmask, and clear over all of it.

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