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is this a fret puller?

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A fret puller is a end nipper which has had the face ground down making it able to cut very flush to the surface of the fretboard.

... and the back of the blades have also been "thinned" to allow easier fret pulling, and less chipping. I would buy the proper one from stewmac, save you a lot of trouble.

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i am new here and am working on refinishing my first guitar (bass). is this a fret puller?

if the link doesn't work, it is a Channellock 10" Concretor Nippers with Grips from lowe's

Actually those are what they use for the Fret Cutters, same brand Channel Lock, or at least the one from Stew Mac was. Again you'll still have to do some work to it to get it the way you need it.

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Actually I think these 7" Channel Lock End Nippers is what they use, I'll check when I get home today.

This is the set I bought. The third one in the picture is what I bought it for. All I need to do is ground down the nippers on it.

But I just checked Stew Mac's website and they have the fret pullers for 22 dollars now. So, I'm more than likely gonna buy them myself.. lol

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