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Bose Sound Sticks


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i don't have the website handy, unfortunately, but if you go to the bose website (whatever it is) i'm sure you'll find some info on 'em.

basically, a stick about 6' tall and 3" in diameter that just sits up somewhere and can fill an entire auditorium. for bass, they have special add-on boxes.

zero feedback, incredible frequency response (i played through one on bass w/o the extra box and it was still amazing...), and more sound than you could possibly imagine. get yourself a nice preamp and one of these, and there is nothing more you'll ever need.

just figured i'd throw it out there, 'cause they're rather amazing.

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Heh. You're talking about their Personalized Amplification System. (pic)

SoundSticks are something entirely different.

i called them that 'cause there was an article that referred to them as "sound sticks." i just thought it was the name, not an editorial comment.

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